Communication at its best

Writing & concepts

Professional writing is our core skill. Long or short, on paper or digital, in English or German – we design concepts and texts according to your ideas and wishes.


Analysis & consulting

Surveys and statistics are important tools for examining supply and demand. We analyze, evaluate, and recommend specific actions.


Multimedia & interactive

The success of YouTube, twitter, and co. makes it clear: There is no way around social media. We know under what circumstance which channels make sense and how to use them.


Wylkomm is now Wylkomm Ltd

Sport, diversity, und happiness

 What do you do if you suddenly lie completely helpless on the ground and the world above you collapses? What does strict discipline have to do with pure joy of live? How can a fraction of a second determine success or defeat or even life or death? Once again, the annual Sport Forum Aargau offered the spectators one highlight after the other - impossible to decide what surprised, inspired, and moved the audience the most that evening.

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Our team


Noelia Hedo’s passion is creativity. After completing the “Propädeutikum” at the School for Design in Aarau in 2016, she is now studying Games Programming at the SAE Institute in Zurich. Her area of expertise includes web design, photography, layout, and logo creation.


Maura Wyler has been working in communications for many years. Her area of expertise includes marketing, public relations, media relations, social media, and journalism with a special focus on science journalism. As a graduated communication scientist she brings with her a specific set of skills that allow her to run quantitative and qualitative analyses as well as to design and implement well-founded concepts.


Natalia Wannhoff already specialized in marketing during her business studies. During her many years in the pharmaceutical industry, she took deep insights into many facets of communication. She is well-versed in dealing with various communication channels, both print and digital, and she masters the finer points of communication with different stakeholders.


We stand for proficiency and creativity

Our passion is to create special settings for texts. The design freedom in communication is unlimited. Hence, there is a danger of losing sight of the initial goals. Together with our clients, we define specific communication goals, develop strategies, and make sure to achieve these objectives.

"Have no fear of perfection, you'll never reach it." (Salvador Dalí)